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What Parents Are Saying about St. Mary School

“Our son receives personal attention. He is not just a face in the crowd. We are extremely satisfied with St. Mary School.”
~ E. and S. Ponzek
St. Mary’s is a joyous family community.” ~ J. Cobb
I find the academics at St. Mary’s very advanced.” ~ J. Allwein
“St. Mary’s has a caring, inviting atmosphere. There is a spiritual feeling that pervades the school. God’s love for His children is taught to the students along with the strong academic curriculum. My child loves attending school.” ~ A. Berquist
“We couldn’t be happier with St. Mary School.” ~ J. McCafferty
The faculty and administration work together to help the children. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and supportive.”
~ K. Miller
"St. Mary’s is a wonderful school. I love the small class sizes. It allows for more individualized attention, as well as an opportunity for the teachers to bond with the students. My children are not only progressing academically, but they are learning to be caring, respectful and empathetic Christians. Religion is not just something they learn 1 hour a week, but instead, they are taught the principles of Christianity every day." ~ L. DeBusi
"The Catholic values are very evident from the way the school is run, the notes and communications from the principal, and from my observations of my daughter’s teacher. My daughter’s teacher has been eager to help my daughter in any way she can academically, socially, and spiritually. St. Mary’s is a great school if you are looking for a caring environment with traditional values and a high regard for academics and curriculum. It is “Christ centered,” as it should be." ~ E. McHugh
"The school is beautiful. The staff has been very helpful, and my daughter really seems happy." ~ S. Pottichen
"At St. Mary School, each student is treated as a unique individual created by God for a unique purpose. They are not treated like a number. Students and parents are encouraged by teachers, staff and administration to seek their support when there is need. We also feel very well supported by other Catholic school families." ~ M. & G. Quinn
"In today’s world where God is taken out of so many places, activities and so on, it’s very important for children to learn in a Christian environment. At St. Mary’s, service is important, and children are taught to help others in need. St. Mary School offers quality education in an environment that fosters Christian values and discipline." ~ C. White
"One of the main reasons we chose St. Mary School was the strong sense of Christian community and friendship. I would invite parents to visit St. Mary School and meet the dedicated teachers and faith-filled students. Come and see the academic excellence and discover the St. Mary difference." ~ K. LaGuardia
"Christian morals and values seem to be evident in the classrooms and hallways of St. Mary School. I am in awe of the staff at St. Mary School. Not only is their care and commitment to the children apparent, they all seem to be enjoying what they do. The parents and volunteers I have encountered have been pleasant, helpful and welcoming, giving us peace of mind that the environment is not only safe and loving, but conducive to learning and thriving." ~  A. O’Connor
"The office staff is accessible and friendly. They will help you get whatever information you need. The teachers are interested in helping your children develop academically, but also develop into good, moral young people. And I like the fact that Catholic faith, values and sacraments are taken seriously at St. Mary School." ~  K. Mares

What Parents Are Saying about Transferring to St. Mary’s from Other Schools

"At our children’s former school, the class sizes were a lot larger. You had a feeling that the kids were getting lost in the shuffle. When our children transferred to St. Mary’s, their grades improved significantly and they seemed to be more social with their classmates and their families." ~ C. & L. Guinan
"The teachers and staff are wonderful. They know all the children by name and genuinely care about the kids they work with. When my son was in public school, I felt that, while competent, the teachers had little interest in connecting with the students. The size of the public school also made it feel more impersonal. St. Mary School has more of a “family-like” atmosphere. Our old school—with 7 classes (about 140 kids) per grade—felt more like a corporation than a school." ~ L. DeBusi
"When we visited the school, several teachers went out of their way to greet and talk with my daughter. Every staff member that we encountered seemed to truly enjoy being at St. Mary School. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes about the school. Now that we’ve switched, I have seen a noticeable difference in respect for staff, parents, rules and regulations compared to our old school."  ~ A. O’Connor
"We now feel we have our son in an environment where he is thriving. We are truly seeing our son growing into the best person he can be, through the good choices he is being trained to make both at school and at home. Together we both are sending him the same consistent messages so he can learn well. St. Mary School teachers, staff and administration have proven to us that they want for our son what we want for him in his Christian education. We no longer have to spend massive amounts of our quality family time filling in teaching gaps and reconciling inconsistent messages. Our son can easily learn what he needs to at St. Mary School to excel academically, physically, and spiritually. Together with St. Mary School, we are working as one team to achieve one goal." ~ M. & G. Quinn
"St. Mary’s is a loving community. People reached out to my kids and me when we were new. My children said that changing schools was hard, but the kids were very welcoming." ~ K. Mares
"There are many more activities here—like Technology Club and CYO sports—than there were at our old school." ~ E. McHugh
"Although we recognize the cost of a Catholic education is a significant challenge for many, we found the cost of tuition plus before- and after-school care was less than what we would have spent just for before- and after-school care at our old school. And St. Mary’s has a superior before- and after-school program." ~ L. DeBusi

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